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Silver Gold Plated Mini Desk Bar


silver, green marble, brass, copper, silvering, gold plating.

Special order.

Silver dishes were not just dishes but also symbolized prosperity, nobility and luxury. Of course, it was an element of interior and a perfect gift.

It was collected and inherited, symbolized family traditions and united people. It is a real piece of art, a rare masterpiece made by hand.

Our masters can give things a soul, individuality, charm and a kind of mystery. They invent images making them beautiful and functional.

This jewel dishes is a kind of secret box. It looks like a cup or a ball that symbolizes the cup of victory. It is a sophisticated mini bar that you will open with pleasure.

Of course, this beautiful interior decoration for home or office. It has a spirit of competition, an atmosphere of friendly meetings. All this is expressed by the jewelers` hands in the gemstones that bring good luck and joy.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin