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Silver Diamond Glass


silver, white diamonds, black diamonds.

№ Н-13-11-690

The symbol of wisdom and ingenuity, resourcefulness and generosity, dispassion and prudence, generosity and tranquility – excellent snake, the ancestors of which tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is one of the turnable silver glasses of zodiacal series of the House "Lobortas".

The elegant flowery interlocking of the snake’s rings architecturally blends in with the smooth mirrored walls of the bowl, which itself plays the role of an elegant stand for the cold-blooded heroine of the myths and legends, stories and biblical parables. And another performs its direct function, it serves as a vessel for the luxury drinks, to which you generously treat your colleagues, loved ones, guests or family.

So white and black diamonds will shine in reflections and the magic will overflow in gleams that filled this elegant glass, and the atmosphere of happiness, love and trust will be reflected in it…

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Photo by Vladislav Filin