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Diamond Silver Glass


silver, diamonds.

№ Н-21-11-470

№ Н-22-01-024

№ Н-22-01-021

Crafted from the finest silver and adorned with diamonds, the upside down wine glass known as “The Tiger” is a part of the celestial Zodiac collection from the esteemed House of Lobortas. This collection is a symphony of cosmic ballet, a tribute to the intricate zodiac tapestry woven in the heavens. Each piece in this series is a conduit between the terrestrial and the celestial, channelling cosmic energy into a palpable form.

The Tiger, with its dual nature, encapsulates a profound duality – the serene tranquillity of silver juxtaposed with the ferocious might of a tiger, the commonplace intertwined with the mythical. This amalgamation of elements beckons you to explore the layers of symbolism intricately stitched into the very fabric of the artifact.

The tiger, venerated for its bravery and resilience, is the central motif. It symbolizes courage, power, and primal instinct, embodying both the untamed spirit of the wilderness and the archetype of the guardian, the protector, the herald of transformation.

The sword, an ageless emblem of authority, imbues the scene with a sense of potency and intent. Together, the tiger and the sword become symbols of metamorphosis – a reminder that change is not merely inevitable, but also essential for growth and evolution.

The Tiger is an upside down wine glass. With its triad of support points, it serves as a fully functional chalice. Yet, when turned upside down, it transforms into an exquisite piece of interior decor.

In the hands of the artist, the silver Tiger wine glass becomes a compass for exploration – a vessel through which the mysteries of the cosmos are unveiled. Its beauty and form transcend the confines of the ordinary, immersing the human spirit in the boundless possibilities that lie beyond our imagination.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin