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Diamond Silver Glass


silver, white diamonds, black diamonds.

Cornucopia, Skyphos (cup of Heracles), Kantharos, Riton, Chalice, Slavic Bratina is a small history of the wine bowls. Some of them existed only in the myths, some were used in religious ceremonies, and other people have used those for fraternization to this day. Wine bowls of ivory, wood and finally silver have varied from century to century. Only the belief of "in vino veritas" has never changed.

The era of grace for bowls began in the 16th century. Bonifacio Veronese, a painter from Verona, presented the graceful and elegant silver bowl on a thin stem and won universal acceptance. Silver goblets started to be richly decorated and this element of tableware became a collectible and inheritable object.

The sun smiles to early risers, and God gives the pure joy of a new day. Silver Rooster who busily makes rounds his acres is the beginning of a new fairy tale. Moreover, a Cockerel is traditionally sage adviser and best friend to good people in this fairy tale. Jewelers masterfully conveyed his pride, fearlessness and willingness to fight at any moment. The Rooster invertible glass of silver jeweled in black and white diamonds is a decent mix of grand style of Carl Fabergé (historicism and elegance) and innovative solutions by artisans of Lobortas.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin