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Diamond Silver Glass


silver, white diamonds, black diamonds.

Sound of his wings, burning fire, shining silver scales, an arched tail... This is how an ancient Dragon looks in myths and fairy tales. For centuries it has been causing fear and respect.

Standing on a pad on his strong paws he makes a basis for this amazing flipped over wine glass. While being above, in the heart of the composition, he looks at us as a winner. But just turn the wine glass upside down and the great Dragon will be defeated by the power of wine that now fills the wine glass.

The masters have made for you the Zodiac series of flipped over wine glasses that follow the traditions of Fabergé who was the first to implement such ideas in his collections of silver cutlery. Play of lines, shades and reflections, sparkling engravings, harmony of gemstones, innovative techniques and skillful performance make this decoration a sculpture, a symbol and a pefrect gift.

Fill this wine glass with your favorite wine and feel wisdom and power of the Dragon.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin