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Diamond Gold Silver Flipped Over Wine Glasses


gold, silver, diamonds.

№ Н-13-06-285

A king of animals attracts our looks with his majestic roar and slow steps. His look is attentive, the crown is beautiful and the movements are graceful. He is generous, calm, magnificent and fair. His powerful energy is felt in the movements of his body that can be seen in this shifter wine glass.

Something like a mythological god or two-faced Janus is looking at us. His look depends on the position of the figure that follows traditions of interior art and the great master Fabergé.

Here are fanciful lines and shades, skilfully made details, great work of artists and engravers. The lion like all the Zodiac signs is filled with mysterious energy of his divine patron. He will give his master everything he has: power, courage, proud character and self-confidence.

He is the symbol of fire and the Sun. this wine glass will shine for you in a bar or at a table attracting the looks of those who admire innovative techniques in art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin