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Diamond Gold Silver Glass


gold, silver, white diamonds, black diamonds.

№ Н-13-05-245

A winner`s cup or a traditional wine glass made of pure silver... This graceful jewel masterpiece is symbolic and beautiful. It will decorate tour cabinet or lounge sharing with you meetings with your family, friends, colleagues and partners.

It may reflect all your emotions like a mirror and fill your soul with harmony and love. Perhaps silver will change your favorite drink turning it into wonderful nectar. You will drink it and appreciate its delicate taste, cold touch of pure silver and original decorations on this piece of art that can decorate any interior.

This Zodiac figure made in such an innovative manner will become a horn of plenty, a pad or a unique statuette. Every detail is important: Small decorations, scales of armor, mysterious play of black diamonds and pure light of silver, great energy of white diamonds that bring success, freedom and self-confidence.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin