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Silver Shot Glasses


silver, rubies, yellow sapphires, jasper, agate.

This set of sniffers is made with love by hands of our masters. It is a piece of jewellery art. This composition will tell you a story that you may know. We just offer our interpretation.

In the heart of the composition there is Soloha, the heroine of Nikolay Gogol`s stories. She is the symbol of pleasure and joy. And it is true: If you drink, drink a lot, if you eat, eat with pleasure. And everyone should care about the consequences himself.

This charming and hospitable witch will treat you to dinner and drink. She comes from old times when dishes were sophisticated and eating was a ritual. All the family gathered at the table, several dishes were served and conversations were slow and calm. The same was life. There is no doubt that our ancestors knew the sense of life.

Today when our relatives and friends come to our place or when our colleagues come to our office, offer them a drink in this snifters that are made of jasper and agate. They were made by hand of silver and decorated with sapphires and rubies. Look at smart Soloha and say: Long live our traditions! May our traditions of jewellery and art have a long life.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin