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A Silver Diamond Flipped Over Wine Glass


silver, diamonds.

№ Н-14-10-680/1

Echoes of the ram`s steps can be heard in the air of mountains. It can walk everywhere in the places where men`s steps cannot reach. The ram can climb a mountain that is like a diamond. If the rider is impatient, the ram will resign from his company and walk alone. Only a leather saddle and a sheath remind of the warrior who tried to ride the ram.

A silver flipped over wine glass follows the traditions of jewel fine art. It is a piece of the Zodiac series. Each figure of the series is an image that has its own character and story. It can be a winner that stands in the heart of the composition or an elegant figure that can serve as a pad. It can be either a perfect gift or a hand made decoration for a bar or a cabinet.

Our wine glasses follow classic canons of jewel figures. We use innovative techniques of engraving and creative interpretations of each hero. There is harmony in each piece of the series that follows sdandards of creative art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin