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A Silver Сoffee Cup with Horses



By order.

“There is only one pair of pedigree horses!”, said a white-haired wise man looking at a silver teacup. Even in slightly visible lines a spirit of a real breed could be felt. It was the destiny that leaded the master`s hand. Instead of gray fog he engraved light of the moon before the sunrise, instead of raindrops there was a pure spring where water turned an ordinary horse into a pedigree one. This pure water can also make a man happy.

A wise master saw a house filled with love to beauty. Now it is engraved in silver, in this coffee cup. It is a symbol of prosperity. Silver has always been considered a god companion.

“Yes, this is a really nice place, the householders must be respected people. They know that only a pair of horses can be better than a horse!” The master had put a coffee cup in a special place prepared for it and began waiting. He was waiting for the one whose house is like a cup of light.

The one who is worth having such a masterpiece will feel that there is a special thing waiting for him. There are pieces of art that have souls... And voices to announce their presence in this world.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin