Silver Gold Ivory Diamond Petrified Wood Hunting Knife


silver, gold, diamonds, petrified wood, agate, mammoth ivory, the blade - Damascus steel.

Graceful lines, turning into small plastic art, clear features of petrified wood, majestic Damascus steel and softness of agate, winning brilliance of precious stones and heat coming from gold and silver...

Only sole master is able to combine these disparate materials, having crowned them with their magnificent shell. The snail, conceptualized and embodied by artists in a complex of magnificent knife and original stand, seems completely natural, even alive. Fine handwork and love, with which the knife "Snail" was created, make it truly unique.

Such a masterpiece, worthy of adorning the room or the collection of someone, who knows the value of true beauty. Because the power, emanating from manly alloy, Damascus steel, hovers over the work, filling each bend of skillfully executed stand.

The man, paying tribute to the natural earner's and hunter's instincts, knows that life success always comes to a place where beauty reigns. And if it coexists with confidence and desire to take victory at any price, the good luck in all endeavors will be guaranteed.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin