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«Lord of the Forests»

Jewellery Sculpture


bronze, silver, blackening, cognac diamonds, petrified wood, knife blade - Damascus steel.

№ Н-21-03-075

- Сum lupus silet, melius eum non interpellare

- If the wolf is silent, it is better not to interrupt him

Among the dense forests, a majestic Wolf steps gently in the depths of the deserted thickets. Like the noble robes of a king, his hair shines silver in the sun. He is predatory, brave and clever, he is the lord of the forests, and he hides strength in calmness. But only until...

Both the forest and its ruler are fraught with ancient secrets of Damascus steel. The Wolf's enemies just have to cross the road to be undoubtedly hit by him in a moment. And even the tree will turn to stone, from the sight of the wolf's strength and its bared fangs.

And the one, who has mastered the strength of the wolf, walks with noble step...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin