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Ivory Ruby Diamond Jasper Petrified Wood Hunting Knife


mammoth tusk, rubies, diamonds, petrified wood, the blade - Damascus steel.

Special order.

Hunting knife "Lizard" is a great proof of the capacity of its owner. This masterpiece, created by true artisans, will decorate the living space of a man, will inspire him to make strong and well-defined steps. The combination of materials used to make the knife "Lizard", is striking: here is both hardness of the fossil ivory, and intransigence of petrified wood, and glimmer of gems giving real greatness to the creation. Lizard-shaped scabbard stand seems designed to protect blade from noble and solid Damascus steel. Such work will adorn even the richest hunter's collection.

Confidence comes from masterpiece, given to the world by artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House; miraculously settle in each movement of the knife's holder.

In addition, jasper heat, multiplied by glistening of diamonds and rubies, will recall you that there always is a place for new victories in the life of a man.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin