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Unique collection of the 21st Century Sports in Dynamic Sculpture

Le sport doit être envisagé comme producteur d’art et comme occasion d’art. Il produit de la beauté puisqu’il engendre l’athlète qui est de la sculpture vivante.

Pierre de Coubertin, L’art et le sport (Pedagogie sportive, Paris, 1922)

“Sport should be seen as a source and a reason for art. And art should be linked with practicing sport. Sport must be seen as producing beauty and an opportunity for beauty. It produces beauty because it creates the athlete, who is a living sculpture.”

Pierre de Coubertin, L’art et le sport (Pedagogie sportive, Paris, 1922)

Over the past more than 100 years, the sports have become one of the highest achievements of civilization, giving rise to the emergence of the new and novel artistic form: dynamic sculptural miniatures.

The 21st Century Sports collection was born as a reflection of the modern sports world. It is one of the very first collections to be the starting point in changing the eras of realistic sculptures. It contains both jeweler's precision of execution, and the dynamism of a special turn-and-view system, which enhances the expressiveness of the new image, and a living similarity of all the nuances of the work, as an evidence of the pronounced 21st century that has come.

This miniature sculpture is the only one of its kind. Its active stands form a special space where modern athletes converge and a whole plot of a sports competition is created. All miniatures are filled with a special expression of movement, which is achieved by combining two components: a unique cut of large minerals that is unparalleled and enhances the dynamism of the composition; original turning and technical systems used for the first time in small-form sculpture. Of particular importance is to convey in metal and stone the image of a modern athlete and all his or her attributes through the virtuoso jewelry methods and techniques.

The unique collection has already been evaluated by experts as one of the progressive, creative and technical developments of the beginning of the new millennium.

For the first time in the world, the collection was presented as part of the Cultural Program of the 2nd European Games 2019, was also presented as part of the 30th anniversary of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, at the Congress of the International Fencing Federation, at the 9th Luxembourg Polo International 2022 Grand Duke Cup. In 2023, the collection will be presented at the 3rd European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023.

Works from the collection of 21st Century Sports in Dynamic Sculpture were created by special order for IOC President Thomas Bach, for UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin and for other prominent personalities in the world of sports.

All stages of the creation of the sculpture are carried out in consultation with Olympic champions and professional athletes.


Photo by Vladislav Filin