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Dynamic Sculpture Composition
«Moment of Successful Attack»

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


bronze, silver, gilding, sodalite.

By order.

The World has been steadily and rapidly moving forward, and with the beginning of the third millennium, the art has acquired new "prototypes", brand new characters that have so many things typical of the 21st century that has come. It requires the artist and the sculptor to apply the cutting-edge techniques, capable of "breathing" the new era's creative spark of life into their characters.

Time has set a special task before the miniaturist sculptors: to convey the image of the soaring up volleyball player in a moment of blazing shot most clearly. With the help of modern jewellery techniques, namely the introduction of a rotary system into small plastic artwork, special cut of the mineral, and mirror effect, artisans and artists managed to create the illusion of a rapid jump of the athlete for the first time, and stylized net going into perspective forms the three- dimensional dynamics of the flight in the composition.

Imbued with a sense of the absolute reality of the action, the viewer seems to be transferred to the sports arena, where the passions of the gladiators of the 21st century are boiling and raging.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin