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Dynamic Sculpture

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


silver, jaspilite.

№ Н-19-07-535

The essence of art is the ability to reflect the dynamics of the space around us, transferred to the artistic image. However, the impetuosity of the modern world has become so intense that artists and artisans were required to find completely new creative and technical solutions to these problems. A collection of the 21st Century's Sports appeared so. Therein a small sculptural form conveys the entire expression of the sports competition of the XXI century by reaching the highest pinpoint accuracy in its performance. The winning throw in the fight of sambists is magnified through the tilt planes holding the sculptural composition, and turn-and-view dynamic system, and unusual materials. This is the composition new in the history of sculpture and works of small plastic art, which belongs to a new direction in the world of art that reveals unlimited opportunities for completeness and realism of the transfer of images of martial arts and a variety of sports unfolding in modern sports arenas. Therefore, the art and skill of precious metal artists has combined with sports art, where every movement is honed to perfection.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin