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«Ice Fight»

Dynamic Sculpture

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


brass, duralumin, titanium, silver, glass.


Time has been steadily and rapidly rushing forward, and with the beginning of the third millennium, the art of sculptural miniatures acquired new archetypes, new and novel heroes, who have so many things typical of the 21st century. It requires the artist and sculptor to apply the cutting-edge techniques, capable of "breathing" the modernity's creative spark of life into their characters.

The development of contemporary art can reflect the world around us as it is. According to this rule, Carl Fabergé created stone-carving figurines with images of his contemporaries in the style of small plastic art; Eugene Lanceray "animated" the images of heroes of his time in bronze; the popular sports stories by Elena Ianson-Manizer embodied the spirit of mid-20th century sports competitions in bronze.

Miniature objet d'art of Hockey is a unique composition from the collection of 21st Century Sports, which is designed to be the starting point in the birth of a new era of realistic sculpture. It has already comprised jewelry accuracy of execution, dynamism of turn-and-view system that enhances both the expression of a new image and living similarity of all work nuances as a testimony of the pronounced 21st century that has come.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin