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Dynamic Sculpture

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


silver, blackening, onyx, jade.

№ Н-19-12-849

Playing golf is not only a sport, but also club life, communication with nature and friends…

The artistic idea of the Golf special composition is based on the pairing of the main attributes of this game and their exact rendition, combined with the coloristics of green stone and the use of valuable materials.

The golfer's hit is repeatedly amplified both by the inclination of the planes on which the sculptural composition is located, and by the turn-and-view dynamic system. This is the composition new in the history of sculpture and works of small plastic art, which belongs to a new direction in the world of art that reveals unlimited opportunities for completeness and realism of rendering the images of a variety of sporting events unfolding in modern sports arenas.

The excellency and skill of gold- and silversmiths has thus combined with the art of sports, where every movement is honed to perfection.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin