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Dynamic Sculpture

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


silver, brass, sodalite, jasper, enamel.

Special order.

Boxing match is a battle between two worlds nominating their representatives from the blue and red corners of the ring. The expression of the battle of boxers, the gladiators of the XXI century, is enhanced by the unique invention by modern artisans and artists of the turn-n-view dynamic system that creates a new realistic art of desktop sculptural miniatures.

According to the authorial idea, representatives of the European and Mexican Boxing schools came together in a bright and colorful battle. Both boxers are in a winning position, and the rotation effect only increases the intrigue. “Who is stronger?” Each of them is in his own dynamic expanse, and the contemplator of the composition literally hears the roar of the delighted audience waiting for the moment of success of his idol. And each of these feelings are possible only through the unique invention of modern artisans. They have managed to embody His Majesty Boxing in a small form as one of the most important civilizational achievements of mankind through their unique know-hows.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin