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«Pele Kick»

Dynamic Sculpture

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


№ Н-22-01-052

bronze, silver, unakite.

In the realm of jewellery, the dynamic sculpture of “Pelé’s Kick” stands as a paragon of sculptural brilliance, encapsulating the kinetic essence of the most thrilling moment in football. Here, upon the verdant expanse of the jade base, a solitary figure defies gravity, suspended in time at the pinnacle of his prowess.

The central focus of the composition is held by the figure of the footballer himself, the renowned Pelé, captured in the midst of a bicycle kick. With taut muscles and precision of movement, his leg is akin to a drawn bowstring, primed to release an arrow. Every vein, every muscle of the athlete’s body is singularly focused on achieving this one objective: to strike the ball into the opponent’s net.

The craftsmanship of the sculpture, evident in every detail – from the outstretched hands of the player to the tension in his muscles, conveys the culmination of years of dedication, self-sacrifice, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection.

The jade stone, with its lush green hue, symbolizes the vast expanses of a football field and, much like a canvas awaiting the stroke of an artist’s brush, it serves as the perfect backdrop for the drama that unfolded.

Thanks to the turn-and-view platform, the observer is immersed in the zenith of skill, strategy, and athleticism. As the platform turns, the scene springs to life, and each angle offers a fresh perspective on the precision and power encapsulated in the player’s image.

Sculpture «Pele Kick»

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Photo by Dmitriy Las