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«The Moment of Triumph»

Dynamic Sculpture

Collection: «21st Century Sport»


bronze, silver, gilding, blackening, brass, obsidian.

Special order.

Time has been steadily and rapidly rushing forward, and with the beginning of the third millennium, the art of sculptural miniatures acquired new "characters", its heroes that have so many things typical of new time. It requires the artist and sculptor to apply the techniques of jewellery capable of "breathing" the modernity's creative spark of life into their characters.

Fencing match is a special, rapid and charming action. On the snow-white path snatched by the spotlights from the deep blue space, talent, recklessness, accuracy and success of the winner is manifested in a rapid attack. All the attention of spectators and judges is focused on the knight wielding a rapier with grace and dexterity. Even the equipment to capture the triumphant happy moment of luck is hopeful and tense.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin