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Gold Enamel Diamond Ring

Collection: Zodiac Signs


gold, diamonds, enamel.

Special order.

Libra is an élite, aesthetic zodiac sign, characterized by wise selectivity of contacts. Female Libra is always the standard of style and charm, let us go over Monica Bellucci, Kim Kardashian, Camilla Belle.

Unique ring "Libra", full of mystery and mysticism of ancient Egyptian ritual, attracts attention by enamel imitation of ornamental fresco composition of pyramids. As if the true treasure of Tutankhamen's tomb, it carries the energy that can give immortality. Scales on which ancient goddess Maat with the feather was weighing soul to find out its purity, in the hands of the owner of the ring with her image transformed into standard harmony. The ring by the House "Lobortas", sparkling with purity of diamonds and capable of changing the life, bringing it closer to perfection, that is just what the representatives of the air sign "Libra" strive for.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin