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Tourmaline Diamond Tsavorite Sapphire Gold Ring

Collecton: Top Class


gold, tourmalines, diamonds, tsavorites, sapphires.

№ 434

Grapes are one of the sunniest symbols of fertility, abundance and wealth. The roots of the grapes go back to the old ages; they are inextricably linked with the culture of Ancient Hellas. Sprouting on this blessed land, the grapes enter our world as a gift from the gods. When starting its life from a fragile stalk, the vine is straining after the sun's rays, by taking life force and healing juice from the bowels of the earth. No wonder the grapes are compared to the Tree of Life. How whimsy are the shapes that the vine makes, how richly colored are the grape fruits... A bunch of grapes has always been a symbol of hospitality, celebration, youth of spirit and thirst for life.

A beautiful legend has come down to our days: "The grapes appeared very, very long ago. Their mother was the Earth, their father was the Sun. At the time of their birth, grapes ripened very quickly – from early morning by the sunset. Those that had matured by dawn, borrowed the delicate blush from the dawn and turned pink. The bunches that had ripened during the day turned Tuscan, absorbing all the warmth of the rays of the bright sun shining in the sky. To the fruits that ripened late in the evening, the southern night gave its dark or velvety blue tones."

The Grapes by artisans of Lobortas is a real work of jewelry art. The delicate curves of the golden vine curl and entwine a vine leaf studded with sparkling diamonds. Juicy ripe fruit with sapphires and tsavorites rest in the leaf of the grape and the vine. The ring is filled with transparent air and permeated with sunlight. Abundance and wealth are sure to enter your life with the ring of Grapes by artisans of Lobortas.


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Photo by Vladislav Filin