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«Vault of Heaven»

Ebony Aventurine Quartz Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Top Class


gold, diamonds, aventurine quartz, ebony.

№ 615195 / special order.

Adventurism is a feature of self-confident people. Lust for the new, adventures and changes. What can be more interesting for a mature person? With the new comes a feeling of a flight.

Tender touch of the sky gives a unique feeling of freedom. The air is pure and encourages to fly higher and higher, to breath deeply and feel the joy of every moment spent in the kingdom of victories. The flight itself is a victory. The victory is the greatest reward for free people.

Freedom encourages the most daring wishes and gives sophisticated delight. The one who is flying high above the earth can see original beauty of the world. When you touch the sky time looses its power. When the sky crowned by sunlight becomes alive in precious gemstones, you can feel the wings on your back.

Determination and hardness of ebony, unique shine of the aventurine and the diamonds and grace of gold will give you the feeling of an unforgettable adventure. Only art of jewellery can unite reliability, lightness and magnificence of th sky.

When the sky is so close, you will surely feel its touch and support. That is very important for those who appreciate highness in everything.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin