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Diamond Ruby Sapphire Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamond, rubies, sapphires.

Special order.

Life is the most precious gift. Every moment, every opportunity is like a film frame. They show you the way to your goal through years. The more successful the walker is, the more light and bright his steps are.

Life is like a film of a great director. It has an exceptional philosophy. Same as film there is an action in which a lot of fragments are combined. If small film frames have their own sense, the integral picture will be light and shining as a precious diamond.

That is what the artists wanted to tell us by praising this picture in gold and gemstones. Soft and attractive sapphires, the rubies that are as hot as an embrace...these are the steps towards happiness that determine the movement speed towards the goal. A pure diamond in the heart of the composition is a symbol of the main idea of the steps towards the goal. Small holes of the ring`s hoop make it look as a film frame. If you look at the ring from above you will see that it resembles changing film frames in a camera. That is how histories are kept in the memory of generations. They are like fragments of a great picture that discovers the secret of the past in the name of the future.

Only yellow gold can be a metal that symbolizes belief in success and it knows how to combine and unite different elements in one picture. The jewelers who made the ring “Cinema” have put in it multilateral philosophy of life. The one who knows the value of every moment, of every single step towards sucess will surely understand the divine idea which the masters wanted to present in this piece of jewellery art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin