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«Golden Dragon»

Black Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Men's Rings


gold, diamonds, central stone - black diamonds.

№ 615059

In the eastern mythology the Dragon represents space, symbolizes life, supernatural force, wisdom and treasure within knowledge. The Dragon is synonymous with heavenly forces and gods, as well as their terrestrial representatives – kings and emperor. The Dragon combines the air and land, and the spirit and the matter, and is a symbol of yang machismo.

Dragons are the masters of elements, they may cause destruction and flooding, and, however, can give rise to rain in the period of drought. According to Chinese superstition, Dragons are born of gold and can be of different colors: from white and yellow to red and black. The Supreme and oldest of them is considered to be Yellow or Golden Dragon - incarnation of might and authority, as well as a symbol of wealth and happiness.

Ring "Golden Dragon" created by artisans of the Lobortas House from the scale-shaped plates, which simulate nearly impenetrable armor of the dragon. Each plate is crowned with a diamond and is directed towards the center of the ring, preparing view to something more significant. Center plates serve as a prelude, each of which is encrusted with diamonds And the culmination of the jewel is a black diamond, set in the very heart of the ring. Black Diamond is selected not accidentally, as according to one of the versions black diamonds have extraterrestrial origins.

Ring "Golden Dragon" is self-sufficient, succinct and elegant. This is a truly male decoration, telling about its owner without the words.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin