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«Thanksgiving to God»

Carat Amethyst Diamond Gold Silver Ring

Collecton: Lux Class


gold, silver, diamonds, amethyst.

True art lovers are sure that patronage from above is a mandatory component of the creative inspiration of the artisan working on his creation. When the favor of heaven inspires, the result is striking in its originality, purity, and power to influence the world around it.

This is how the ring of Thanksgiving to God, which symbolizes faith and strength, the joy of giving and the greatness of the feeling of gratitude was created. By praising the offering to God, the artists have embodied an original combination of the traditional approach to creating a ring and techniques of small jewelry plastics in the handiwork. The exquisite element of the ring is the figures of cherubs holding the donation. It is truly a jewelry sculpture, the finest work of the genuine artisans.

The union of gold and silver complemented by the splendor of amethyst reminds of the greatness of valuable gifts, and diamond drops – of the purity of true faith. Thanksgiving to God ring is a unique piece of jewelry that combines the luxury of materials and a reminder of the eternal.

The story sung in precious materials, talented performance and deep symbolism of the ring will give the owner a sense of true joy, for which you would want to thank the sky.


Photo by Vladislav Filin