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«Seventh Heaven»

Blue Topaz Diamond Gold Ring


gold, diamonds, topaz, diamond 0.20Ct.

№ 713214/Н-16-04-298

Who haven`t dreamed of being in heaven? Why there, in heaven? Is there any happiness? Aristotle thought that heaven consists of seven transparent crystal spheres and the stars are fixed in them. But probably Aristotle and his construction have nothing in common with happiness. In ancient times people used to think that if there is happiness, it exists in paradise. If there is paradise, it is in heaven. The higher is heaven, the bigger is happiness. But maybe we should search for paradise on the earth? Maybe it is right here, close to you? Happiness is not somewhere far away, it is in your hands, just take it and hold it tight.

Victor Hugo once said that "the greatest happiness is to be sure that you are loved". Even the most unhappy one will smile if someone tells him that he is loved. Love is when parting makes you crazy, when you are counting minutes waiting for the date and forget about everything when finally you are together. It is when you start to believe that nothing compares to happiness that you feel right now. If love is happiness, you can reach heaven only in two.   

The jewelers and artists of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House created this tender engagement ring “Seventh Heaven”. Sophisticated waves of white gold sprinkled with dazzling pure diamonds climb a blue top of a gorgeous topaz. This is real seventh heaven.    

If everyone of us makes another person happy, all the people of the world will become happy too. Let “Seventh Heaven” by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House help you to find your paradise on the earth and your own seventh heaven where you will be happy with your beloved.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin