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Gold Diamond Topaz Ring


gold, diamonds, topazes.

№ 753941

Refined golden curves ascend to the sky-blue top of the magnificent topaz, reflected in the precious mirror of happiness and love. Romance is always there: in the delicate patterns carefully engraved by skilled artisans, in the mysterious twinkle of magnificent diamonds of elegant cut, in the sophistication of the ring on the hand of the significant one, in the radiance of happy eyes…

Blue topaz, the royal stone, says that the belamour is unique, and the feelings are strong. Ten diamonds give the ring a soft glow, enhancing the sky-blue hue of the main stone – the center of the composition, focusing strong and pure feelings, repeatedly enhancing them and becoming a faithful guardian of sincere relationships.

The Reflection ring is a deeply personal fairy tale about a queen and a king united by golden lines of love and light.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin