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«Symphony of Water»

Gold Diamond Topaz Ring


gold, diamonds, blue topaz.

№ 713163

The world is a symphony in which a human is a separate note. It is a single note, but every new meeting of people unite these notes into accords and give a birth to a unique melody. The world is a whirlpool of an ocean, an eternal river of time, which has no beginning and no ending. Diving into this river you feel amazing lightness, as if you were back to time when there was a kingdom of water, just water and nothing else. This water creation is endless and immortal. Water is a soul of the world, a sense of existence. It is an element of purity, love and emotions. When you look at a mirror-like surface of water, your soul melts with it, your thoughts become light and pure and your heart becomes full of sweet dreams.

With such emotions “Symphony of Water” was created. It is a marvellous engagement ring made by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Two golden waves interweave in one flow, pure diamonds sparkle like bright drops. Shrilling deepness of topaz impresses by its unique fanciful cut.

“Water, you have no taste, no color, no smell, it is impossible to describe you, people ar delighted by you having no idea what you are. I cannot say that you are necessary for life, you is life. You fill us with joy which cannot be explained by feelings. Your mercy opens dried springs of the heart”, said Antoine de Saint- Exupéry.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin