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«Christmas Nocturne»

Gold Diamond Blue Topaz Ring


gold, diamonds, blue topaz.

№ 753936

In the world of music, nocturne is considered the hallmark of romanticism. Romanticists loved and revered the night as a time when the soul, not burdened by the bustle of the day, reveals its true features. When you listen to the Nocturnes by Frederic Chopin, captivating melodies envelop you with their charm. You open your heart to the soft, refined lyrics – your real desires and true feelings are revealed. Moreover, the world responds to your revelation with sincere gratitude!

Chopin's Nocturnes are often referred to by connoisseurs of musical art as the audible embodiment of the romantic ideal. His works differ in depth and richness of content, and are considered the culmination in the development of this genre. In turn, the Christmas Nocturne ring will be highly appreciated by connoisseurs of visual arts. Due to the combination of external attractiveness and deep meaning contained in this jewelry, it can be safely called a visual embodiment of the ideal of the beloved one. Here, refined beauty is united with a noble spirit, a beautiful appearance with an equally beautiful soul, a large and kind heart with tenderness and truly feminine strength.

Large blue topaz is one of the most refined minerals – it attracts the eye immediately. This elegant and majestic stone harmoniously adjoins with diamonds and white gold perfectly combines with precious stones in the color scheme.

The Christmas Nocturne engagement ring was created to emphasize the value of true feelings for the person to whom the gift is intended.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin