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Diamond Topaz Gold Ring


gold, diamonds, topaz, central diamond - 0.25Ct.

№ 713162

In a shaky mystery of sparkling feelings,

In a tiny fleur of magic

The decoration will shine

And confirm your feelings.

Before this engagement ring, tiny as feelings, light as lace, airy and mysterious as intangible fleur start shining on a little woman`s finger, it will have a long way to go: from an idea to its implementation.

Like a new melody composed by a genius is born from a combination of the same seven notes, like an artist who paints a new unique picture using the same basic colors, the same way jeweler`s hands create a little masterpiece using pure gold and tiny diamonds. This masterpiece is unique and magnificent.

These hands feel the material and remember the image they want to implement. They know all the intricacies of this complicated work. Due to this work a little ring becomes a piece of art. It becomes a paragon of all the secrets of engraving, a beautiful decoration and a present. It is airy and full of lightness and magic.

Engagement ring “Fleur” is a part of “The King on the Throne” collection. Amazingly beautiful noble gemstone sits on a royal throne which emanates with grace. This throne was made using a complicated technique. In this ring the central part of the composition is beautiful amethyst which changes its colors and shades. But if you wish, instead of it any gemstone or a rare mineral can take a place on this royal throne.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin