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«Hug of Waves»

Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds.

№ Н-16-01-024 / special order.

Gently, just like the waves of the sea were stroking the shore, leaving behind them the patterns of unimaginable beauty never seen before and never repeated on the golden sand. The waves were calling in a quiet whisper into their arms, scattering with shining diamonds, they ran away again... and they called again.

And suddenly, frozen on the horizon with a bright flash, all this tender moment wished to stay here forever, appearing to the world with a precious golden ring. With special trepidation, it preserves the fine lines of sand patterns, shines with diamonds like splashes of sea waves. With its mirror surface, it enhances the magic of the precious stone brilliance that shines in the rays of the sun with a spectrum of all colors.

Give in to the call, surrendering into the gentle embrace of the waves!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin