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Diamond Gold Engagement Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, white diamonds.

№ Н-15-02-161 / special order.



Diamond Gold Engagement Ring


The form of the engagement ring is perfect and beautiful. It is a symbol and secrecy, decoration and pattern, drawn by destiny itself. It is a slight monogram connecting the heart and soul. Lacy contours of the invisible mysterious node are interwoven whether in heaven or in the light gleaming chambers in the distant magic worlds.

Leaves of a fragile and delicate camellia, which was the preimage of the jewelry piece by the Lobortas artisans, are connected in the magic maze. In it you can get lost, or, conversely, regain your happiness. Tortuous paths and roads, inscrutable and untrodden ones, still beckoning us with sweet obscurity, have created a floral pattern that stores the love nectar.

And let its acerbic aroma make those in love feel dizzy, let the diamond radiance delight and enchant and let the petal ornament call with promises of eternal holiday. As the flower, which has just burst, is has got everything ahead: love, bliss, happiness…

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Photo by Vladislav Filin