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«Morning Glow»

Diamond Amethyst Citrine Gold Ring

Collection: King On Throne


gold, diamonds, amethyst, citrine.

№ Н-15-10-805 / special order.

Magnificent smell of the dew in the first rays of the morning sun... what could be more pleasant and inspiring? The beauty of gold shimmering, touching the finest strings of the soul found its enchanting reflection in a brilliant jewelry masterpiece. Shining in its purity, gold interspersed with diamonds and amethysts impresses with its uniqueness from the first seconds.

The main and truly grandiose element is citrine... Like the brightest sun, it creates an exquisite composition of the Morning Glory precious piece of jewelry, while attracting attention to its unique cut. It is easy to surround yourself with warmth, sunlight and infinite beauty, once you see it and never again part with a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by light that gives new energy.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin