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«Square Necklace»

Diamond Gold Necklace


gold, diamonds.

№ OF306 / special order.

Marching and fighting for foundations of beauty

And warriors have formed carré...

Will the victory and glory be with them!

Gold links seductively shimmer around the chiseled neck, by exposing it to the collarbones, by enveloping it with the trail of sophistication and beauty, mystery and femininity. They guard their lady like guardians of beauty cleverly connected by an artisan in the ancient millenary pattern. By setting off the pallor or swarthiness, by outlining the invisible edge, behind which it starts to pulse under the thin skin, by riveting attention to the owner, they surprise with the luxurious weave of the ancient ligature, as if descended from the sketches of ancient goldsmiths, in which a magical formula of attractiveness, worthy of the imagination of the artists of the world's best Jewellery Houses, was born 2 thousand years ago. Magic geometry has links in a special way: they fall on the neck with a beautiful fan, always forming a bizarre pattern of the correct form and setting a new style in jewellery called "Neo Art Deco" thereby. Who knows, maybe one day, this necklace will take pride of place in the list of business lady Marjorie Merriweather, one of the largest collectors of Cartier, whose tastes have evolved along with the artistic thought of the revered jewelers from the 1920s Art Deco to the realism of the mid XX century.

So slender and beautiful link warriors are paraded to the rectilinear square, by protecting the secret of female attractiveness... And the border is secured, beyond which there is unknown, subtle, seductive... And it is difficult not to succumb to the temptation, and not to be in captivity of this beautiful golden army, with diamonds at the ready... And be captivated by beauty, grace, skill, and inspiration...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin