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White Gold Diamond Earrings


white gold, diamonds.

№ Н-18-10-631 / special order.

Starfall, white gold diamond earrings, is a luxury, which will always be out of fashion and will always be in fashion. The most sophisticated lovers of jewelry will find Starfall earrings impeccable in the shape and content. This is not a paradox, this is diamonds!

It is said that diamonds are found in the meteorite impact points. For many centuries already diamonds have not formed. And thus, each stone, found and then properly cut is unique and valuable. The exceptional hardness, high light refraction, shine - this is pure physics, and how to explain a magic diamond gravity? If in lyrics, the true natural diamond as a gift is a silent poem of sincerity, male status and female selectness.

Planetary nebula "Eye of God" in the Aquarius constellation inspired the designers to create this jeweled masterpiece. And, indeed, a large diamond in the center and diamond placer around are charming, as the August sky, as a falling star.

When a star falls, they make a wish, when the Starfall twinkles in the ears – the wishes are fulfilled.

The image will be completed, if you wear earrings "Starfall", together with pendant brooch "Milky Way".

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Photo by Vladislav Filin