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Gold Diamond Earrings


gold, diamonds.

№ Н-17-05-265 / special order.

Music you’re making me blue While I’m alone with out you Fill my heart and fill my soul with tenderness Music fill my loneness

F. R. David, a songwriter

The earrings “Quintet” is a miracle of jewel music. This piece of art made by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House has a spirit of music harmony and an orchestra. The earrings are made of gold and repeat a rhythm of a diamond quintet. Short pauses turn emotional explosions, firm lines turn diamond sparkles.

Every diamond plays its unique music lke an orchestra. The jewelers have cut the diamonds in a special way, so that the rays of their light are directed to different ways. They are in harmony with the world around and with their mistress. Luxury performance and jewel geometry make the earrings “Quintet” a real piece of art.

“Music is like the rain. The heart sprinkled with its water becomes alive.” Diamond drops of “Quintet” will sparkle on the strings of your soul.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin