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«The Mystery of Christmas»

Enamel Diamond Gold Earrings


gold, enamel, diamonds.

It is believed that at Christmas the heavens open, and at this time you can ask for anything, as long as the wish is sincere and bright. The star, by illuminating the nocturnal skies, sends the angel to protect him and his loved ones, and gives bright, happy days. This holiday is about warmth and comfort, the magic of a family evening, spiritual purity, joy and laughter, beautiful dresses, full of marvelous patterns, and traditions passing from generation to generation.

Mystery of Christmas is earrings created to find itself in a box of a special Charmer. Picturesque star-shaped pattern is a tribute to the Christmas, the most colorful and funny holiday. The complex technology of Imperial enamels, passed on "from artisan to artisan" in the trade of jewelry from time immemorial, has reached our days. And today the one improved by professionals has revealed a colorful canvas in patterns of gold earrings, studded with diamond scattering, created by hand.

Family jewelry can be modern, bright, luxurious, multiplying its uniqueness over time, because this is unique pieces created in the spirit of a wonderful holiday!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin