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Diamond Topaz Silver Earrings


silver, diamonds, topaz.

№ Н-13-11-718 / special order.

When we speak about women`s beauty, first of all we pay attention to her face. Earrings is one of the most desirable presents that can underline sophisticated and seductive lady`s image.

The earrings “Aurora” is an example of elegant and tiny beauty. They combine the best traditions of jewelry classics and qualified handmade work. this decoration will satisfy the most exacting lady.

This piece of art is worth attention because gemstones of different kinds are combined in it. A topaz and diamond were not chosen by accident. Topaz has pure and changing light and is a talisman that will keep women`s beauty. This unique gemstone can change a lot of shades during the day according to its owner`s mood. Diamond frame makes these earrings a masterpiece. A topaz combined with diamonds give them a shade of an aurora. Silver frame make the earrings look sophisticated and gorgeous.

The earrings “Aurora” are suitable for any color of eyes and will make it more deep and attractive. Besides that a combination of a topaz, diamonds and silver will make this decoration really exclusive and original.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin