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Diamond Gold Earrings


gold, diamonds.

OF-336/Н-14-01-062 / special order.

Earrings "Windows" – the pink of perfection, elegance and purity, embodied in the precious metal, the demonstration of openness to the world and purposefulness of the one who owns this treasure. According to the designer's message, the arch- shaped golden window, encrusted with the Ancient Egyptian ornament and diamonds – an embodiment of unsurpassed beauty of proportions and rationality, should only stress the inexpressible, unattainable, adorable beauty of human shape. Whatever is the surrounding world, it pales in comparison with the beauty of the spiritual human person.

The square, inscribed in the big window, is exclusively encrusted with the diamonds of stunning beauty and expression. It is difficult to imagine their shine, play of colors and shades, their dazzling charm in the splendid night-time illumination.

Big diamond of enchanting beauty and grandeur, which is located in the heart of the composition, not just magnetizes and is the most catching object to the eye with its impeccable shape, marvelous purity and exciting cut, it is also a peculiar peak, the last drop of perfection, created by the designer of the original window image. Symmetry, beauty, harmony, of the entire jeweled ensemble will satisfy the most biased lover of true art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin