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«Fairy Tail Animals»

Silver Diamond Sapphire Enamel Pendant-Brooch


silver, gold, diamonds, blue sapphires, finift "Lion".

№ Н-14-10-604 / special order.

Brooch-pendant “Fairy-tale Animals”. Where crowns of trees interweave, where mermaids play in deep water, where the Firebird flies...There live animals of magical beauty.

The masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House wrote a fairy-tale about the Lion with silver and gemstones. This Lion is either a constellation on the sky and a wonderful animal with a fire-colored hair. The brooch-pendant “Fairy-tale Animals” is decorated with diamonds and blue sapphires. This is a universal jewel that can be a pendant or a brooch. The gate to the world of magic are decorated with tiny engravings that look like a piece of light lace. The wonderful animal is painted with enamel and jewel glass. A bit primitive manner of artistic work refers to “naive art” of old fairy-tales. To create such an effect the jewelers painted and decorated the mythic lion by hand using juicy colors of enamel to underline the power of this animal.

Brooch-pendant “Fairy-tale Animals”. The fairy-tale animal is standing on his way, weaving with his tail and asks riddles. The lion willopen his treasures fot the one who guess right.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin