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«Madame Coco»

Opal Diamond Sapphire Gold Brooch


Materials: gold, diamonds, sapphire, brown opal, blue opal.

№ 615186 / special order.

 “Madame Coco” is an asymmetric and elegant brooch that makes one fall in love with it from the first sight. This wonderful piece of jewelry art exists in one piece only. This piece of art has a perfect content and its performance made by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House is unique.              

Here we see a beautiful Lady dresses in emerald-colored silky dress made of Australian and African opals with a frame of gold and diamonds.              

The “Madame Coco” brooch will make the hearts beat faster. It will be enough just to look at this beautiful masterpiece by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. The Unknown Lady is looking at us from this picture with her flirting eyes. She has a hat on her head that is decorated with fanciful feathers and diamonds.              

Great Coco Chanel has always been a mysterious person. Sense of the style was her motto. “I am fashion”, she used to say. “She is fashion”, says the amazingly beautiful brooch “Madame Coco” that expresses the most dare dreams of luxury lifestyle. It is an example of aristocracy and a triumph of beauty.              

You can buy the unique brooch-pendant “Madame Coco” that is presented in this catalog online or in our salon. We kindly ask you to call us before your visit. With our master`s help you can create absolutely new and unique handmade brooches that will fulfill your expectations and satisfy your taste.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin