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Enamel Diamond Ruby Amber Gold Brooch


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Gold decorations with amber by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House enjoy great interest. The masters Lobortas Classic Jewelry House follow the traditions of the XVII century jewelers and the later periods combining amber with enamel decorations put in a precious frame. The jewelers from Kyiv have succeded in using enamel to decorate different kinds of things.

The classic brooch “Aries” with e piece of enamel in its heart is a good example of these achievements. Due to a combination of amber and gold this jewel has a lively character and underline powerful harmony of metal and a gemstone. Wavy lines are very suitable for the symbolic meaning of the composition in the heart of the brooch. This picture has a sacral meaning in many cultures. In Ancient Egypt ram`s horns were considered to be a symbol of the Sun God Amon-Ra, joy and prosperity.

In Christian period the Aries meant purity of a body and holiness. It is also a symbol of Easter. In this religious context and according to the Byzantine traditions a yellow color refers to the divine light.

             Rubies were intentionally placed here. Sir John Mandeville wrote in his travel memoir which circulated in the 14th century, that a lucky owner of a ruby will live in concord with the other people. Will never loose hisland and social position and will be protected from any danger. This gemstone will protect his home from any disasters if it is put in a ring, a bracelet or a brooch and worn on the left side of the body.

Thanks to the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House this small piece of art united cultural heritage of the Kyivan artists, traditions of the Byzantine icons and wisdom of the past.              

You can buy the unique brooch “Aries” that is presented in this catalog online or in our salon. We kindly ask you to call us before your visit. With our master`s help you can create absolutely new and unique handmade brooches that will fulfill your expectations and satisfy your taste.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin