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Enamel Diamond Gold Hair Clip


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 14-04-253 / special order.

 Golden fields shine in the sunlight that disperse in hot and lazy summer air. Diamonds are pure like water, they reflect juicy colors of cherries like raindrops do.

Then a little miracle happens: Cherries smile to us and shine like drops of dew. Their shapes amaze by colors as if they were put in front of mirrors.

The garden is colorful like gemstones. You feel joy and a real meaning of life and inspiration that you want to implement in art.

For thousands years jewelers try to imitate nature. Some of then have succeeded in this and created their own artistic styles. Real talent can change ordinary things into light of eternity, turn simple joy to a real masterpiece and find real treasures listening to the voice of nature.

We brought this cherry garden here and put it on the gold surface of this hair slide. The master created the whole history so that you can feel perfumes and colors of summer. That makes this accessory an exclusive luxury jewel.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin