Diamond Emerald Ivory Amber Gold Bracelet


gold, diamonds, emeralds, mammoth tusk, amber.

№ Н-12-05-412 / special order.

The Golden Sands of the Ancient East have fascinated mankind for many centuries. The history's greatness attracts and inspires. A rare master manages to touch wisdom of bygone times, in order to revive and perpetuate it in the work. In contrast to products of jewellery factories, pieces of jewellery art have always been extraordinary precious items. Only the talent of God and the absolute acceptance of the authority of the past are able to embody so exquisite and amazing hand engraving through the use of innovative techniques. Thanks to the efforts of artisans, it has advanced steps forward in its technology, from the time of the magnificent, world-famous Buccellati technique, which established itself 170 years ago. It took more than six months of daily filigree work to create such an exceptional piece of jewellery, combining beliefs in the intercession of the snake of the ancient Indians, the inhabitants of Sunny China, Egyptians, Greeks and many other peoples.

The life force inherent in the beautiful snake, which served for many residents of the Ancient East as a symbol of protection, worship and peace, still directs and blesses the achievements of people who know their worth. The royal grace of the snake in the work delights with the special magic of the image, mysterious as Eastern wisdom and imperious, as the unity of charm and power in the feminine. The snake is the emblem of power. The snake is the healer and the guardian of life. The snake is a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

It is quite natural for the beautiful woman to own a masterpiece of jewellery, breathing with a might of the immortal Hellas, the greatness of the Egyptian pharaohs and the power of ancient Celts. All these qualities, fused together, are only emphasized by unique emeralds, diamonds and amber. Inlay with precious stones, thanks to a new form of transmission of realism of the image, has become a new sound in art, previously set by artisans of past centuries in the beautiful outlines of natural motifs that are found today, for example, in the works of Wallace Chan.

A unique addition of fossil confirms once again the fact that the beauty is eternal, especially the beauty absolute and recognised as the experience of many ages and nations.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin