Enamel Gemstone Gold Pendant and Earrings Set


gold, enamel, diamonds, amethyst.


gold, enamel, diamonds, sapphires, amethyst.

Only a gentle water surface and lightweight loving wind, could give rise to such natural perfection – the lotus.

Unadventurously as that timid ray of the rising sun, the flower slightly naively smiles to the skies, keeps silence about something that only he knows, shedding the purity and vital energy. Its relaxed silence recalls both the limitless expanse of the sky, and the caress of the mother water at the same time. It is so eloquent that there appears the desire to unravel this mystery, as an invaluable source of eternal attractiveness and wisdom. Here is both the absolute experience of Ancient Greece and the greatness of the East and the sacrament of the reunification of the wealth of nature with the jeweler's talent. The jeweler once created the jewelry set, calling it the flower's name.

The awakening lotus knows the secrets of greatness and youth, on its mission in this world of tranquility and harmony, dancing on the tender waves under the free weightless sky.

The lotus that offers its cheek for a morning kiss of the sun. The lotus that is in the world of warmth and light. The lotus that reflects in the eyes of the beauty who looks at it feeling the touch of perfection, feeling her own purity, the greatness of beauty, so the multifaceted and promising, as a flower on the surface.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin