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«Hwang Ho»

Jewellery Set


Gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearl.


Gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearl.

The thirst for knowledge and a desire of the unhurried beneficial change and the unity of human with the majesty of the nature determine the greatness of China. One of the ancient legends says that beautiful reflections in the water inspired the skillful hands of goddess Nüwa to make a miracle, to breathe life into the figurine, which had been shaped in yellow clay from the Hwang Ho River. And soon her good intention to complete the world was embodied in the numerous human settlements.

The civilization, born on the streaming waves of the great river, impresses with its extraordinary beauty and the mystic history. Its newness repeats the determined curves of the banks. With the marvelous sequence China enormously contributes the wisdom of the ancestors, unceasingly turning it in the prosperity and wealth.

As a reflection of the Sun smiles on the golden surface, rows of Chinese huts are assembled. From generation to generation, they pass on an exceptional feature of the Chinese people to follow the ideals of the harmony of the past and the future. And this unconditional and thrust movement forward recalls the flow of Hwang Ho, on the banks of which the world of unparalleling silk, conical hats, wealth and development was born.

The highest degree of jewellery mastery is to combine the greatness and sophisticated grace of the goddess, history and flashing accuracy of our time in one artistic creation. And if you hear the sounds of waves and rubies, when you look at the pearl, and sapphires and diamonds echo with oriental tunes, it is certainly an Ancient China.

China that came alive on the banks of the Yellow River. This is truly the ideal world, similar to the weaving of gold rays of the sun, reflected in the mirror of the majestic beauty named Hwang Ho.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las