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«The Lacemaker»

Sapphire Diamond Gold Set



gold, diamonds, sapphires, central oval sapphire.

№ 207



gold, diamonds, sapphires, central sapphires.

№ 020

"I love, admire and look forward

To words and opalesque color.

I come up and again backward

To the depth of flowing slumber."

Alexander Block, April 5th, 1902.

 The jewellery set "Lacemaker" is a handmade enchantment that shows the magic of the interwoven thoughts, dreams and allusions. The world knows only three Lacemakers, before which admirers of the famous art galleries are lost in the silent admiration. The Lacemaker of the Dutch portraitist Netscher Caspar hints at the very personal and even intimate things. Isn't Jan Vermeer's Moira the Lacemaker focused on braiding of another human destiny? The Lacemaker's face brightens with the light joy in the portrait of Vasily Tropinin.

Artisans of the Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" created their "Lacemaker", different from those glorified by the great artists in their paintings.

Small set "Lacemaker" is the ultra-thin flexible diamond lace and noble blue sapphires.

The golden "Lacemaker" is a patrician of the jewellery world, the grande dame, who without any help is making laces of promises and hints, half-words and confessions. The secret of the Lacemaker's wickerwork is in its intricate pattern, which is impossible to be repeated in the luxurious shine of precious stones in the uniqueness of the lacy story.

Jewellery set "Lacemaker" – the sorceress of illusory sacraments.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las