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Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring Earrings Set



gold, amethyst, diamonds.

№ H-21-04-169



gold, amethysts, diamonds.


A piece of jewelry, like the masterpieces of Chopin, Schumann, or Faure, is a splendid gem of Elegy.

The striking contrast of gold and amethyst: spiritual wisdom and noble eternity blended into a harmonious unity. The elegant curves of the patterns resemble musical notes, among which dazzling diamonds, the symbols of everlasting love, sparkle like stars. The deep purple hue of the amethyst is captivating, evoking delicate violets, often praised in poems about love. The gold jewel glows with sunlight and radiates warmth.

The exquisite set of Elegy is the expression of a musical composition in jewelry, a jeweler’s tribute to profound feelings that inspire beauty and harmony.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin